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Real Stories

Welcome to this new addition to my website!

Whilst it's nice to see curated sets of images, I wanted to have a space to let you in on the marvellous, hilarious, and the downright unexpected moments from real-life photoshoots. You'll get an exclusive peek behind the lens as I share the context, my thoughts, and even my spurr-of-the-moment guidelines for my subject (most of the times it's safe!).

We're not gonna lie, each shoot comes with its own set of quirks and challenges, like chasing a veil on a windy day or trying to maintain the flow when a pigeon decides to steal the show. But hey, this is how it goes and in the end, the crazy moments bring the best stories! 

Have fun discovering the reality behind my photoshoots, and I hope it'll bring you entertainment and inspiration! 

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