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Let's remember these special days!

What kind of events can be covered?

  • birthdays

  • religious celebrations (baptism, bar mitzvah, etc.)

  • anniversaries

  • anything else!

What is my approach?

Here's my style: a combination of a safari photographer - hiding with my tele lens behind the bushes to best capture epic moments without being seen - mixed with warm interactions that make people feel at ease in front of my lens when mingling in the crowd.

With my fashion and beauty photography background I always strive to showcase people in their best light and will occasionally drop a few posing tips to make people look like stars!

In other words, I love the human exchanges that contributes to capturing beautiful images - but will also occasionally disappear in order to grasp moments most authentically.

What if things don't go according to plan?

It's okay! We'll adapt. 

I know events can be chaotic at times and involving a photographer should not add stress in any way! I'll become a human-chameleon and keep on tracking the next best frame!

How do we organise this?

Feel free to submit a booking request via the packages below to see my availabilities, or simply shoot me an email directly.

Either way, before the event we'll have a little chat to discuss details and logistics and make sure we're on the same page before the big day!

And after the event?

I'll retouch the images (light, color, contrast, crops, etc.) and send them via a Dropbox link in high definition, where you'll be able to download them directly without loosing any quality. 

I will also prepare an online gallery with a private link to send to your guests. The cool thing about that is they can choose whether to download them all or pick their favorites. Also, if you would like to keep your privacy (ergo not including ALL images from the day), we can curate it accordingly :) 

Finally, you'll also be able to order a photo album upon request. 

Just as for any services, the help of a professional in that regard will make a big difference. 

The pairing of images, the design and overall feel of the album, will all be part of your successful storytelling - and a tangible item to treasure and remember!

Any other questions? Let's discuss it!
+41 79 790 7863

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Event Packages

Let's figure out what would suit you best!

Small Event - 950.-

Great for small events!

  • 3 hour coverage

  • 200-350 retouched image

  • delivery within 3 weeks

  • private gallery for guests available 3 months

Cool Event - 2000.-

Perfect to cover the highlights of the day!

  • 6 hour coverage

  • 350-500 retouched images

  • delivery within 3 weeks

  • private gallery for guests available 3 months

Epic Event - 3500.-

Don't miss out on anything!

  • 9 hour coverage

  • 500-1000 retouched images

  • delivery within 3 weeks

  • private gallery for guests available 3 monts

Few extra infos...

  • Transport is not included and to be added to the chosen package

  • All packages can be adapted according to needs!

  • 5-day image delivery available for 20% of package price

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Client Testimonials

Take their words for it, not mine!

We had the opportunity to work with Elodie on several events, she is very professional, attentive and a very responsive person. We are delighted with the result, I recommend her!

CH Planner

Easily one of the best experiences with Elo. She is super personable and very talented at her craft. She made sure everyone was comfortable and enjoying the experience capturing the most intimate and detailed moments in such a beautiful and unique way. Thanks Elo!

Knights Club

My name is Ela Solomon and I’m a performance artist. I came to perform in Barcelona on Feb 1st, 2019 and knew that for this one time performance I’ll need an excellent photographer who could capture every single moment to make it an unforgettable memory for me! I saw Elo’s Site and works and knew right from the start that she’s perfect for this job!! We met at the gallery before, so I can explain the rhythm and movement of the performance and she managed to captured it all!! Not only that she has done an excellent job, she also went ahead and made a Black and White copy of all the set of pictures to empower the moment!! Thank you Elo 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻So glad I’ve picked you. Whoever needs a professional, reliable and excellent photographer, Elo is the one ❤️

Ela Solomon

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