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Maternity Shoot

Let's capture this beautiful chapter together!

Where does a maternity shoot take place?

We can create memorable maternity images in different settings: 

1) In studio

Pros: very clean look, possibility to play with lights to emphasise the silhouette, warm and controlled environment. 
Cons: A bit impersonal with the neutral background

2) On location

The forest, by a river, in a flower garden - anywhere inspiring to you! I'd be happy to discuss it and suggest options.

Pros: Images will feel poetic, dreamy and have a natural look.

Cons: not always as comfortable or private as other options, and we are at the weather's mercy (which can also create beautiful surprises by the way).

3) At your place

For the homiest setting! 

I'll just ask you to send me a few images of the place to make sure there is enough space and light, crucial elements to achieve beautiful images. 

Pros: warm, cozy, no need to go anywhere. Will look like you, your environment. More convenient towards term when moving around gets more complicated! 

Cons: does not always leave as much room for creativity compared to shooting in studio / on location. 

What to wear for the shoot?

Depending on the shooting location, we'll choose the most fitting outfit you have. I'll be happy to guide you through the process.

As a general rule, avoiding very bright colours and patterns is advised. 

What if I'm not comfortable in front of the camera?

No need to worry about that! We'll start by getting to know one another and once we get started i'll guide you with some posing ideas and suggestions!

This is where my fashion and beauty photography background comes in super handy! 

How do we organise this?

Feel free to submit a booking request via the packages below to see my availabilities, or simply shoot me an email directly.

Either way, we'll have a little chat ahead of time to discuss all the details of the shoot (location choice, outfit, general mood, etc...) and exchange a few visual references.

We'll make sure to be on the same page - very important in order to come in relaxed and know what to expect, which will contribute to creating beautiful images!

And after the shoot?

In the week following the shoot I make a preselection of the best images which i upload on a private link for you to access. On this platform you'll be able to select your favorite images.

Once the selection is final, I retouch these images (light, color, contrast, crops, etc.) and send them via a Dropbox link in high definition, where you can download them directly without loosing any quality! 

Any other questions? Let's discuss it!
+41 79 790 7863

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Maternity Packages

Let's figure out what would suit you best!

Easy Maternity - 250.-

Quick and easy!

  • 30 minute shoot

  • 10 retouched images

  • delivery within 3 weeks

Lovely Maternity - 400.-

Different styles and outfits!

  • 1 hour shoot

  • 20 retouched images

  • delivery within 3 weeks

Epic Maternity - 750.-

Feel and look like Beyonce!

  • 3 hour shoot

  • professional hair & makeup 

  • 30 retouched images

  • delivery within 3 weeks

Few extra infos...

  • All packages can be adapted according to your needs!

  • Transport is not included and to be added to the chosen package (unless it's in studio).

  • ​​5-day image delivery available for 20% of package price

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Maternity: Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Take their words for it, not mine!

Elo is an awesome photographer. Very professional, she knows how to easily adapt to the client's requests in order to create impeccable results. Her entire organization of the shoot was perfect and we are delighted to have trusted her!

Joanna Crivelli

Great experience! Very professional yet friendly and knows how to easy put you at ease. Great shoot with Elo.

Anja Blago

Such a great person to work with! Had a lot of fun, and the pictures came out amazing! Would definitely work with her again :)

Alizee Jacquinet

I was so lucky to have a photoshoot with Elo. Everything was so well organized that I didn't need to worry about anything and could enjoy every single minute.
Also, she always meets you with a big smile and positivity what makes the photoshoot so delightful!

Elena Adamonyte

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