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Meet your camera wizard

As unsurprising as it might be, I've had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember! But taking beautiful images is just the tip of the iceberg. 

My real superpower lays in making sure that my clients have a good time and feel comfortable in front of my lens. Being somewhat of a chameleon, I'd like to believe it's my second nature to adapt to different situations and energies.

From the colorful streets of San Francisco, to the fast-paced New York City and all the way to the vibrant vibe of Barcelona - I've honed my skills these past 10 years to become a confident professional photographer. 

But before I became the ninja of life-moments preservation, my first love was fashion and beauty photography. This experience still guides me today, helping me make sure every subject shines under the best light and angle possible. If you're curious to see more about that, come and have a sneak peak at my other website


Photo by Marc Blanc

The full picture

When I'm not taking picture, you can find me working on various DIY home improvement projects, caring for my (way too many) plants, hiking with my companion and my two border collies, or maybe pressing flowers to make artsy collages!

Care to engage in a bit of creative banter with me and explore the limits of our imaginations?

Please come and say hi! Meeting new people is like unwrapping a new present every time! 


Photo by Manuela Kropf

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