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Converting the chaos of family life into cherished keepsakes!

The cool aunt experience

Family shoots are often planned for special occasions such as Christmas cards (grandma insisted it's important!) or anniversaries.


Whilst those are good reasons, why wait? Truth is, time gets sucked into the vortex of everyday life. Somewhere in there you still managed to capture a few silly videos of your kids and maybe one or two cute images as well - but the light wasn't great, or they had a wild booger sticking out. 

This is where I come into play! With my sharpened eye and understanding of light and scenery, I'm here to make sure you all look your most authentic, pretty, awesome selves together. I look for complicity, spark, playfulness and essentially, small demonstrations of love

By letting me into your family bubble, I'll play the part of the cool aunt and snap the lively moments of your clan!


Goodbye awkward poses!

Joyful chaos, that's the goal - let's dodge the stiff, uncomfortable smiles by planning one or a few activities for our shoot!

You know your little crew better than anyone, but if the creative juice ain't flowin', check out these ideas below.



  • sports like football, basketball, bike riding, rollers, obstacle course racing, tree climbing, kayaking

  • paintball

  • going for a little walk/hike somewhere pretty

  • going on a little boat trip (even on pedal-boats!) and having a dip in the lake

  • fruit/veggie picking, gardening

  • setting up a camping spot (and actually camping after the shoot!), with marshmallow grilling, a picnic, barbecue, outdoor movie night - and lots of stringlights!

  • visiting a street fair / luna park

  • approaching easter, a bunny / chocolate hunt! 


  • baking cookies or cakes

  • cooking (pizza is always a winner!)

  • sports indoors like table football, obstacle course, balloon fight

  • boardgames (uno, my fave!), karaoke, charades, legos, puzzle

  • painting / arts and crafts of all kinds

  • reading books

  • carving pumpkins (in autumn)

  • decorating the house and tree (approaching Christmas)


Accessories for extra action:

  • bubble makers

  • balloons

  • flowers

  • water guns or water balloons (in summer)

  • musical instruments

  • snacks (icecream, popcorn, ...)

Even day-to-day moments have their charm! How about:

  • diner (up to doing the dishes together!)

  • laundry folding (you'd be surprised how fun that can turn out to be!)

  • tea and biscuits (by the chimney is a plus!)

  • play time or homework

  • bubble bath time (for toddlers that is, I'm not sure teenagers would find it as fun)

Whilst it might not be the most intuitively "photogenic" setups, these might be the photos you'll be the most fond of, showcasing the simple moments of this chapter of your life!


Telling your kids about the upcoming shoot and what to expect of it will definitely come a loooong way on the day of the shoot! Getting them stoked about the adventure ahead of time will help them have fun, and in turn make you have a great time as well! And of course, this will turn into dynamic, authentic images.


That being said, should they suddenly feel stressed or deal with difficult emotions, I never force kids into taking pictures if they don't want to. Not only would it reinforce the stress factor for them, but the result would't be convincing either. 

When in distress, I invite them to cooperate with me through games, trust, and silliness!

Even if it might take a little time - getting raw, genuine emotions is always worth it! 

Below is an example (and part of the reason I love my job!):

What if my kid(s) don't feel like it?


And after the shoot?

I'll retouch the images (light, color, contrast, crops, etc.) and send them via a private gallery link - about 3 weeks after the shoot.

You'll be able to download them directly in high definition and order impressions from the incorporated shop with templates such as albums and prints (grandma will love it!). If you have any doubt about it, I'd be happy to guide you through it!

Unlike portrait sessions, there is no set amount of pictures for activity-orientated family shoots. The gallery will include all good images from the session! Having to choose and define a specific set of pictures would be too heartbreaking of a process, for both you and me.

I always want to include them all - so that's what I do! 


Let's snap it!

Feel free to submit a booking request indicating what you have in mind and which package would suit you best - everything's customisable! Don't forget to tell me a little bit about you and your family!

From here on, we'll discuss the planning/mood for the shoot and organise all the little logistical details :) 

Clothes-wise, I always recommend wearing something comfortable and avoiding bright colors and patterns.

I'm also happy to hop on a quick call to get to know each other prior to the shoot! Although not mandatory, I find that establishing that connection from the beginning helps us both in knowing what to expect on the big day!

Finally, to fully book and secure your shoot, a 50% downpayment is required to confirm and book the date. The remaining 50% are to be processed prior to image delivery.

Any other questions?

Let's chat!
+41 79 790 7863



*TVA and transportation not included

  • Quick and easy!

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    45 min

    420 Swiss francs
  • Ideal to capture different styles and change sceneries!

    Read More

    1 hr 30 min

    600 Swiss francs
  • Let's go on an adventure!

    Read More

    5 hr

    1,200 Swiss francs

20% Off on all packages if final images can be shared online

On this website + my professional social medias

All the packages above are meant to accompany activities, happening in the location of your choice.

If you're looking a for regular in studio session, have a look here:



What families think!

Narbel family

"Very nice meeting with Elo. A very pleasant moment combining professionalism and complicity. The result is great in addition to the good time shared"


Martinez family

"A magical experience with an attentive, gentle and positive photographer. We had a great time as a family and the result is just perfect! Thank you very much Elo for this little moment of happiness and for these magnificent photos."

Niloufer family

"A wonderful moment shared with Elo. She is professional, caring and patient (it's nice when you have children :-)). The result is simply great and we highly recommend her services!!!"

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